Scrumptious Sunday Seven May 6

Been an amazingly hectic week with its up and its downs: moving house, starting a new job, combined with college and everything else made this one of the most hectic weeks ever! I’m so tired and wanna go to bed (have to be up at 7 to stalk Bruce Willis for work!) but until then I can give you a little taster of what I’m following and looking at this week!

1. Jessie J. I love watching this lovely woman’s style evolution, its really inspirational! She’s come so far but I think shes really stick to the clothes she wants to wear, there has been no drastic make-over forced on that girl! I’m not watching the Voice but I’ve heard that her outfits are awesome and hopefully it will continue that way! And of course, her red lipstick is right up my street!

2. Susie Bubble, blogger of her own site Style Bubble. Love reading her blogs and the page and photographs she uses are really bright and well put together. Also, she has great personal style, all the elements of a good blog if you ask me!

3. My new tattoo! I’ve been thinking about getting it done for so long and I’ve had it drawn for well over a year now but I’ve finally had the courage to go and do it. It really hurt cos its on my foot but I love it, every part in it means something special to me and designing it myself makes it so much better.

4. The amazing lemonade I had during the week. I’d never had homemade lemonade before and this was the tastiest, most colourful drink ever!

5. A girl who was in my university a couple of years before me called Roisin who has a brilliant blog called i’m making ‘fetch’ happen. Its in my blogroll so have a read, she has some fantastic looks and is a great journalist to boots, i hope to work with her at some point in the future on some kind of project!

6. The dip dye. Absolutely loving it and regretting cutting my hair off at this point in time! However nothing can be done and when i grew my hair back, who knows! Buuut I am looking for suggestions on what colour to dye my hair next if anyone is willing to suggest something I haven’t tried before :D

7. Some lovely wee fashion shots I founds, loving these :)

Hope everyone has a great week, I’m hoping my week won’t be as manic as the last week was and I’ll let you all know how chasing Bruce Willis went!

Keep styling, Em x

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